MAX Blender

MAX Blender
Top of the Whirl

MAX Versatility . MAX Performance . MAX Efficiency . Max Attention


  1. 2 containers with 3 blending styles: Blender Blade, Triple-blade and Whisk

  2. Safety lock

  3. Anti-slip design with 4 suction cups under the machine

  4. 3 all-rounded and easy-to-use of blending functions – Level 1, 2 & Pulse (instant action)

  5. Energy-saving: Less power-consuming but just as powerful as other blenders.

  6. Retains food’s nutrition after blending


Model MAX Blender
Rated Voltage AC 220-240V, 50Hz
Comsumption Power 800 W
Usage Time/No. of Rotation Blender blade container 3-minute operation & 3-minute stop / 16,000 rpm
Triple-Blade/ whisk container 1-minute operation & 2-minute stop / 3,500 rpm
Container Capacity Blender Blade 1.7L
Triple-Blade 1.5L
Whisk 1.25L
Weight 2.6kg
Dimension 170mm(D) x 200mm(W) x 420mm(H)