C Model
Plasma Ionizer Air Purifier

Equipped with built-in air cleanliness indicator and Room Care Air Purification Technology


  1. CUCKOO Plasma Ioniser

  2. 7-Level filtration system

  3. Air cleanliness indicator with a range of 6 colours

  4. Voice guide

  5. Energy-Saving Capabilities

  6. Room Care Air Purification Technology


Model C Model
Dimensions 430mm (D) x 276mm (W) x 550mm (H) 7.4kg
Recommended area 37.4 m²/ 402.57 ft²
Energy rate 33W
Filter 4 Filters: Pre-filter, Functional Filter (Harmful Gas Easy Filter S), Deodorant filter, 4 in 1 HEPA filter.
Sensor Fine dust sensor
Functions Auto Mode, Room Care Mode, Yellow Dust Mode, Baby Mode, Lock Mode, Repeat Mode, Energy Eye,
Turbo, Filter Replacement Indicator, Sterilisation Mode