5th December 2016



At CUCKOO, we dedicate ourselves to designing water purifiers that are capable of producing drinking water that meets the standards set by the World Health Organization.

“All people, whatever their stage of development and their social and economic conditions, have the right to have access to an adequate supply of safe drinking water.”
World Health Organization (WHO), Guidelines for Drinking-Water Quality, 2nd Edition, Volume 2: Health Criteria and Other Supporting Information

WHO’s Standards Cuckoo’s Standards
pH 6.5 – pH 9.5 pH 7.3 – pH 7.9
“The optimum pH will vary in different supplies according to the composition of water and the nature of the construction materials used in the distribution system, but is often in the 6.5 – 9.5 range.”
WHO, Guidelines for Drinking-Water Quality, 2nd Edition, Volume 2: Health Criteria and Other Supporting Information
CUCKOO’s mild-alkaline water has an average pH level of 7.3 to 7.9.
Low-Mineral Content Water is not Ideal Drinking Water Mineral-Rich Alkaline Water
“Demineralised water that has not been remineralised, or low-mineral content water – in the light of the absence or substantial lack of essential minerals in it – is not considered ideal drinking water.”
Frantisek Kozisek, Health Risks From Drinking Demineralised Water
CUCKOO Water Purifiers are designed to dispense mild-alkaline water that is rich in minerals.
The Contamination of Heavy Metals Free of Heavy Metals
“Contamination can occur within the distribution system through leaching of chemicals and heavy metals from materials such as pipes, solders/jointing compounds, taps and chemicals used in cleaning and disinfection of distribution systems.”
WHO, Chapter 4, Guidelines for Drinking-Water Quality, 3rd Edition
Dangerous heavy metals, such as lead, cadmium and arsenic are filtered by CUCKOO’s Nano Positive Filter.
Diseases can Spread Through Drinking Water Eliminates 99.99% of Harmful Bacteria and Viruses
“Infectious diseases caused by pathogenic bacteria (E.coli, Salmonella), viruses, parasites are the most common and widespread health risk associated with drinking water.”
WHO, Chapter 7, Guidelines for Drinking-Water Quality, 4th Edition
CUCKOO’s state-of-the-art filtration system removes harmful bacteria and viruses from the water.